Precautions You Should Take When You Use Sinus Irrigation Systems

Posted on: 4 September 2017

Nasal and sinus irrigation has helped a lot of sinus sufferers who frequently get congested, have sinus infections and pain, and do not seem to get relief from medications. If you decide to use a sinus irrigation system, there are many options available at your local pharmacy. However, you should also know that there is only one right way to use these systems, and several wrong ways. The wrong ways can make things a lot worse for you. Here are the precautions and correct usage of these systems.

Use ONLY Sterile Saline or Boiled Water

The best solution for a nasal or sinus irrigation is sterile saline. You can buy the saline in the same aisle with contact lens supplies. You can also use distilled water, which is water that has been boiled previously and bottled in a plant. Only these two solutions should ever be used in neti pots and the like to irrigate your nasal passages. If you use anything else, you run the risk of a really bad sinus infection or worse.

DO NOT Lay Down to Irrigate Your Sinuses

You would think that laying down would make irrigation easier. It can, but it can also cause you to drown. Additionally, since your sinus cavities are open to your brain right above the bridge of your nose, you could be flushing bacteria right into your brain. The result is a life-threatening illness brought on by the growth of the bacteria that is flushed into the brain through this open area above your nose.

ALWAYS lean over a sink and tilt your head sideways so that you can flush from one side of your nose to the other. The used saline or water never gets near the brain. You also cannot accidentally drown yourself this way either.

Blow Your Nose after Irrigation

After you have cleared the sinuses, they will be moist and free-flowing. Immediately blow your nose so that you can get everything out. This prevents any remaining bacteria from regrowing and causing you more problems. It is okay if a little of the fluid travels down the back of your throat, as this is normal. However, you should not allow everything to slide that direction if you can blow some of it out.

Sanitize Your Sinus Irrigation Device

ALWAYS sanitize your irrigation device after use. You have just inserted part of this thing in your nose! Do not reinfect yourself or cause the device to grow bacteria and viruses by putting it down and not cleaning it.