Essential Supplies To Stock In Your School Nurse's Office

Posted on: 16 January 2018

Keeping your school nurse's office stocked with essential supplies can help students in the event of an illness and medical emergency. Take an inventory of the supplies you already have on-hand, and consider the following options to help ensure this office is stocked with the equipment your school's nurse needs to do his or her job.

Emergency Medicine Cabinets

Whether your school has students who need epinephrine injections due to severe allergies or inhalers to treat asthma attacks, you want to make sure these prescriptions are securely stored yet easily accessible. Emergency medicine cabinets can help you to do both. These cabinets feature metal construction and have doors with windows that let you quickly find the right medication for each student. They open easily with a key for secure storage when school is not in session. Label each prescription with the student's name and a picture so any faculty member can access these medications in an emergency.

Medical Gloves

Medical gloves come in handy for a variety of situations, including administering first aid and caring for sick students. These gloves should be stocked in each exam room in the nurse's office, and they should also be available at the front desk so teachers who need them can grab a pair quickly. Purchase gloves in several sizes to accommodate everyone on your staff, and be sure to choose latex-free, allergen-free construction to help prevent allergic reactions. You can buy medical gloves online in bulk for your school.

Wound Care Supplies

Cuts and scrapes can occur frequently in school settings. Students can be injured using scissors in art class or using knives in cooking classes, and it's important for nurses to be prepared to administer aid in these scenarios. Stock up on gauze pads and rolls, first aid scissors, tape, adhesive bandages, and wound packing materials. Have these items stocked in every exam room, along with other first aid equipment, to ensure your nurse is able to tend to injuries right away.

Wipe-Clean Exam Tables And Pillows

The exam tables in your school nurse's office will be used for examining sick or injured students, but they also provide a place for sick students to rest while waiting for a parent to pick them up. Look for tables with plush padding and wipe-clean surfaces. The surfaces should be easy to sanitize in between uses to help prevent the spread of germs. You can also purchase vinyl-upholstered wipe-clean pillows to provide extra comfort. These pillows can be covered with disposable pillow cases for an added layer of germ prevention.

Talk to your school's nurse about the supplies he or she needs to care for students, and shop for these items online to stock the school with essential medical equipment and supplies. Contact a supplier, like Your Glove Source, for more help.