Benefits Of Digital X-Ray Equipment

Posted on: 19 June 2019

X-rays are the unique means of viewing inside the human body without ever cutting it open. The very first x-ray machines were the size of a cargo truck, and radiated so much dangerous energy that people were more likely to end up dying of cancer later even when the machines initially saved their lives a few years before. Now, you have digital x-ray equipment, and it certainly has its benefits over any other x-ray equipment ever designed, constructed, or used. 

Very Low Radiation

The scan takes but a second, which reduces the amount of exposure a person has to the radiation emitted to see through a body part. Very low radiation exposure in conjunction with such a short exposure time means that patients will not suddenly develop cancer months to a few years down the road. This sets patient fears to rest when they need an x-ray, but are concerned about the radiation levels and exposure. 

Instant Upload of X-ray Images to a Patient File

Because the images of each digital x-ray appear on a computer screen, the images can immediately be transferred to the patient's file. There, any doctor or medical professional can scroll through the images to see what happened to the patient and what the results of the x-rays were. The images stay in the patient's file and do not have to be stored anyplace special because they cannot be destroyed (except by a targeted computer virus, and that is not likely to happen). Since the images remain in the patient's digital file, it means that no one else can access these images either, except for the patient upon request, the doctors, and any nursing staff that have been given access. The patient's privacy is secured. 

No Costly Recycling Fees

The old school x-rays are developed using special chemicals that react to the radiation exposure on special x-ray film plastics. These chemicals are hazardous to the environment, which is why you cannot simply throw away old x-rays. They have to be treated first to remove the chemicals, and then shredded. This is a costly "recycling" expense. With digital x-rays, you never have to worry about such things, or the expenses incurred for destroying the x-rays.

The Equipment and Accompanying Software Is Easy to Use

In fact, digital x-ray equipment is even easier to use than standard x-ray equipment. Most of your radiology team will not find this transition hard at all. Training is very quick, and rarely takes more than an hour or two for staff that are already licensed and certified in radiology. 

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