• 3 Advantages Of Using Digital X-Ray

    With x-rays being the most common form of imaging tests for a wide array of conditions, it only makes find ways to improve accuracy and streamline the imaging process. Digital x-rays are worth the investment because they are clearly superior to using traditional x-rays. Convenience One of the major advantages of using digital x-rays is they are convenient to use and take less time to process. Digital x-rays are frequently used in acute situations where medical professionals need information quickly and to make a diagnosis in real-time.
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  • Working With Hazardous Drugs: How To Ensure Safe Handling

    When it comes to working in the nursing field, you have to expect some risks, especially when it comes to exposure to certain illnesses and drugs. You might not realize this going into the field, but there are quite a few drugs that are quite toxic for a healthy person to come in contact with, including those used in chemotherapy. Because of this toxicity, it's crucial that you use specific safety techniques when working with these drugs.
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  • Essential Supplies To Stock In Your School Nurse's Office

    Keeping your school nurse's office stocked with essential supplies can help students in the event of an illness and medical emergency. Take an inventory of the supplies you already have on-hand, and consider the following options to help ensure this office is stocked with the equipment your school's nurse needs to do his or her job. Emergency Medicine Cabinets Whether your school has students who need epinephrine injections due to severe allergies or inhalers to treat asthma attacks, you want to make sure these prescriptions are securely stored yet easily accessible.
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